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Welcome to Little Captain Creek Farm

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Hi Friends,

Welcome to our regenerative family farm, Little Captain Creek Farm, in Thurmont, MD. We are Stephen and Elizabeth Stoltzfus, and we are 4th generation Amish farmers who are the first in our family to farm regeneratively. We celebrate life alongside our two boys, Leroy (2 years old) and Chris (10 months old), who are the highlights of our farm. 

On March 4, 2022, we moved from Lancaster County, PA to Thurmont, Maryland, to begin caring for this land. Our farm was very run down when we arrived, and we have been pouring a lot of energy into improving this soil and this land which we have been blessed with. So far, as we learn to care for it, the soil has shown tremendous opportunities for improvement. The past two years has been a great journey, as we have been learning about land stewardship and regenerative farming

We have a herd of 50 milk cows, half a dozen beef cattle, 300 laying chickens, 15 pigs, 5 mules, and 3 driving horses. We are looking to do 2,000 meat birds this summer. All these animals keep us busy, and we are thankful for our four part-time hired helpers. 

We rotationally graze our herd of 100% grass-fed milking cows and beef cattle, which are moved 2-4 times a day to a fresh strip of grass. Most of our female calves stay on their own mothers until they are 4 months old, and we milk share with these calves. Our beef are 100% grass fed and finished - our rotational grazing strategy ensures great meat quality and high levels of nutrition. Our pigs graze outdoors, are fed raw skim milk and non-GMO grain, and are an important and useful tool on our farm (they help by clearing hedgerows and turning compost piles!). Our chickens live in movable homes and are moved daily to a fresh patch of grass, where they enjoy a delicious meal of bugs, grasses, weeds, and seeds. The chickens also receive a non-GMO, soy-free, corn-free, chemical-free supplemental feed.  Our driving horses are used to pull our carriage out on the roads, and our mules are used to carry our farm equipment here in the fields.

Our goal for the future of our farm, as funds allow, is to build a new barn and a new house (as our current home was built in the 1800s and is quite old!). We plan to establish our roots here in Thurmont, and will continue to nourish the soil, the animals, our family, and the members of our private buying club, as long as the Lord allows.

We believe the foods which we are raising have the unique ability to nourish the body and support a healthy mind and spirit. We very much look forward to serving you with this delicious, nutrient-dense, farm-fresh food, straight from our farm to your table.

The Stoltsfuz Family
... and our non-Amish admin team!